Open Plots Near Srisailam Highway | Nagarjuna Enclave
Open Plots Near Srisailam Highway | Nagarjuna Enclave


About Nagarjuna Enclave

With the burgeoning infrastructure developed abutting the Srisailam Highway, property around the Srisailam Highway is most sought after. Varistha’s Nagarjuna Enclave is an Open Plots near Srisailam Highway is being developed as a gated community project with unique advantages in terms of its location, facilities, and industries within its arc. 

More importantly, Nagarjuna Enclave the Open plots near Srisailam Highway carries the Varistha stamp of quality assurance, prompt service and integrity of commitment.Nagarjuna Enclave is abutted by International Airport, Outer Ring Road, Regional Ring Road, 4 Lane Srisailam Highway (NH-765), Hardware park, Electronic city Near Maheshwaram, Aghakhan International school, Rajiv Gems & Jewellery park, IT SEZ’s Indu, TCS, AIR Cargo Complex, Videocon Royale villas, E’ City, ITIR Projects, Tummaluru IT Cluster, Adibhatla Aerospace SEZ, Mucherla Pharma city 19,333 Acres, Pyramid Center, and several upcoming Residential Colonies of repute.

Invest now in Arista’s Nagarjuna Enclave for a bright future for your children and loved ones! With Varistha realize your dream for a hassle-free healthy, safe and secure home. Dream for an elegant lifestyle you richly deserve so richly.

Varistha’s Nagarjuna Enclave Hyderabad-Srisailam Highway, Advantage:

Varistha’s Nagarjuna Enclave near the Hyderabad-Srisailam Srisailam Highway is a gated community open Plots venture being developed in 12 acres of lush green environment projecting the global standard amenities, is within a reachable distance of 6 minutes to Hyderabad International Airport at Shamshabd. It offers the unique advantage of its location due to the large infrastructural development in the adjoining areas.

Varistha’s Nagarjuna Enclave abutted by the International Airport, Regional Ring Road,Outer Ring Road, Hardware park, Aghakhan International school, 4 Lane Srisailam Highway (NH-765), Electronic city Near Maheshwaram, Tummaluru IT Cluster,AIR Cargo Complex,TCS,IT SEZ’s Indu,Rajiv Gems &Jewellery park,ITIR Projects,E’ City,Adibhatla Aerospace SEZ, Videocon Royale villas, 19,333 Acres of MucherlaPharma city, Pyramid Center, and several upcoming Residential Colonies of repute.

The future prospects of Srisailam Highway is extremely bright, as once all  the infrastructural projects are completely operational, it creates opportunities for direct and indirect employment opportunities, leading to migration of several people. This development boosts the demand for residential space.  Even the existing and the forthcoming residential colonies of repute may be insufficient to fulfill the need for residential and commercial space requirements, with an abuzz of infrastructural activity forecasted around its vicinity. 

Owing to its proximity to SEZ and connectivity to Airport, and affordability of the land, Hyderabad-Srisailam Highway is witnessing a burgeoning activity in property transactions.

With the available open plots in a gated community environment, Varistha’sNagarjuna Enclave abutting Hyderabad-Srisailam Highway, is an emerging residential hub. Due to the proximity to the TCS Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, the region is thriving on the great benefits. The major reason behind the rapid development along the Srisailam Highway is an availability of vast stretches of land. It has been in the last few years,VaristhaInfracon was the foremost Infra developer to flock on this land parcel for an infrastructural development as Varistha is encouraged by the improved connectivity in the region, and to offer an expected healthy capital appreciation to the prospective purchasers of the open plots in their gated community venture.Added to it, the IT hub located nearby at Adibatla, and the affordable prices are the major growth drivers that have acted as a catalyst for the growth in the region.

The employment generated by the software industry has in turn boosted the residential demand along the Hyderabad-Srisailam Highway. Furthermore, the presence of the TCS-SEZ has grown into a well-known destination for Hyderabad’s Information Technology (IT) industry, one of the prime factors for the burgeoning stretch of residential projects in the region.

In another one year, a plethora of projects are expected to near completion. consideringthe scope of price appreciation expected in the near future, the expert’s share that the resale market in the region is also bustling with activity


The adjoining areas along the Hyderabad-Srisailam Highway enjoy comprehensive social infrastructure in the form of several entertainment options, educational institutes, several eateries and commercial complexes which make it a comfortable and self-sustainable place to live in.

The physical infrastructure in the region is also under the adequate progress and the the locality enjoys good connectivity with the rest of Hyderabad through the Inner and Outer Ring Roads, while the region is regularly serviced by buses, the railway station and airport are less than 10 km away. All these present a bright side of the positive features of the locality as a residential destination.

Future potential

the infrastructure growth in the region is expected to accelerate rapidly, once the under-construction projects are completed.With a monitored gate to improve security and safety of the neighbourhood, the civic body is considering bringing the area under surveillance in the vicinity of the Hyderabad-SrisailamHighway, several SEZ projects proposed to be set up are currently awaiting clearance from the government. To those companies who already acquired land, experts opinioned that the government is likely to approve projects, and once these projects are approved, the demand along the Highway will help to push the prices upward.

In the recent times, Hyderabad’s thriving economy and the buoyant IT industry has positively impacted the city’s realty scenario. Regions like the Hyderabad-Srisailam Highway are bound for great heights going by the rising demand from investors as well as end-users, as the political turmoil is over, The Hyderabad-Srisailam Highway makes for an attractive destination for long-term and affordable investment in plots as well as built-up assets, as local experts asserts for the developmental progress.

Our dream for an elegant lifestyle can best be accomplished with Varistha’s Nagarjuna Enclave! Srisailam Highway being the most happening corridor of the future, the open plots in Varistha’s Nagarjuna Enclave is the Best Investment as the prices are still affordable to realize your dream for a healthy, hassle-free healthy, safe and secure home. For an elegant lifestyle that you, your children and your loved ones richly deserve, invest now in Varista’s Nagarjuna! 

Location Highlights

Approved project

Front Arch

Gated Community

60′ & 40′

Developed B.T Roads

82 Plots

spread over 12 Acres.


Drainage System


Lines to every plot




Tank to supply water


Play Area




Landscape Parks



Advantages of
Nagarjuna Enclave

Drive From Nagarjuna Enclave

4 Lane Srisailam Highway NH-765                  –  3 mins 

Rajeev Gandhi International Airport                –  6 mins 

Outer ring road                                                     –  8 mins

Adibatla                                                                – 23 mins

Electronic Hardware Park ,Maheshwaram     – 18 mins

Air cargo complex                                               – 25 mins

Thummalur IT Cluster                                        –   9 mins

Pharma City, Mucherla                                       – 26 mins

ITIR                                                                         – 50 mins

IT Sez Indu tech Zone                                         – 21 min


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