Chinchode( V ), Farooqnagar (M), Rangareddy District

Praja Citi

Modern work life brings with it all the strains and stresses of a fiercely competitive world.

Ad the need to balance the rigours of family responsibilities with work place stresses.

To make life a tad easier, Varistha Infra steps in with its thoughtful approach to provide hassle-free housing to all those folks hard-pressed for time. Varistha takes the load off your chest by solemnly taking care of all the nitty gritties of registration and other chores therby helping translate your dream of owning and settling down in your dream home with minimum effort and worry. All you need to do is trust Varistha Infra to take care of your hard-earned investment and rest easy.

One such investment opportunity on the horizon is Varistha’s Praja City venture, a sprawling 100 acres township, a mere 15-minute drive to NH 7 in Shadnagar.

Praja City offers a vibrant and luxurious lifestyle beyond expectation in a vast expanse of lush green, landscaped greenery rich with flora and fauna in Kishan Nagar village of Farookh Nagar Mandal in Ranga Reddy District.  

Praja City is within striking distance of major landmarks like Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble and the Regional Ring Road among others and offers the best of both worlds: An eco-friendly neighborhood and yet, within reach of modern day amenities.

So invest your trust in Varistha and help your dream take shape. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.


Location Highlights


Approved project

Front Arch

Gated Community

60′ & 40′

Developed B.T Roads

58 Plots

spread over 5 Acres.


Drainage System


Lines to every plot




Tank to supply water


Play Area




Landscape Parks



Advantages of
Praja City


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